Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Moussaka – A Hit!

In an effort to eat nothing but pumpkin in the run up to Halloween for some unknown reason, I decided to use up one of the small pumpkin-like squash things bought for Weasel’s birthday party that never got painted or transported out of our dining room. For a start, I haven’t got a clue what […]

More Things Made of Pumpkin! Banana Pumpkin Milkshakes

I came across skinny pumpkin milkshakes on you-know-what website that I’m addicted to, and decided to use the leftover 1/2 a cup of tinned pumpkin purée from my pumpkin pie crumble the other day. The original looked like this photo below, and unsurprisingly, my version didn’t. Click here if you want the original recipe from […]

Pumpkin Pie Crumble – All for Me!

From the start I knew Weasel wouldn’t eat pumpkin pie crumble and that’s why I made it. All for me! I got the original recipe from Cooking Classy (click here for the real recipe), but altered a couple of things to simplify it and make it slightly less diet-busting. Ingredients – Crumble bit: 1.25 cups […]

Swirly, Spinkly Sugar Cookies

I love sugar cookies and I don’t think I ever met anyone who doesn’t. They’re simple, versatile and even the fussiest of kids will eat them. This recipe sort of takes the simple sugar cookie, adds quite a lot of prep time but then delivers something that looks amazing. The original Pinterest recipe (click here) […]

Tomato & Tortellini Soup – Not a Great Hit With Weasel, Tasty Nonetheless

So once again I attempted to combine some of Weasel’s favourite foods, tinned tomato soup and cheese-filled pasta, to make a lunch she’d get excited about, or at least tolerate,  on her 3rd birthday. Did she try it? Not really, unless one bite that she tried to spit out counts. Still, it was tasty and […]

Tasty Blue Cheese Meatballs

Blue cheese in a meatball, what could be more amazing than that combination? Weasel loves blue cheese, so I was banking on them being a hit. Hmmm. I used a combination of two recipes from All Recipes and from Cooking for Keeps, because I didn’t have all the ingredients for either. And stuff the raspberry […]

Creating a Lollypop Spider Army for a Halloween Party (or in this case, Weasel’s Birthday)

It’s good having 2 kids born within 2 weeks of Halloween. Ok, so you don’t get comparatively bargainous garden barbecue birthdays, but you do always have a handy theme if needed and the shops are full of costumes for fancy dress. This year Weasel wanted a Meg & Mog themed birthday, and for those of […]