Butternut Squash Soup – Trying to Use Up 4 Jars of Cumin Lurking at the Back of the Spice Cupboard

After having total spice disaster about a year ago (as in the whole row of kitchen cabinets fell off the wall and I didn’t think I’d ever get the dominant smells of fish sauce and Chinese 5 Spice out of my nose again), our spice cupboard is decidedly haphazard. Some spices are missing completely (and I can never remember which ones on my supermarket trips) and some I seem to have replaced 5 times over for no apparent reason. Cumin is one of those, and with an impending house move and expiring dates, I will be using this spice in pretty much every meal for the next two months. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be one that Weasel has taken a dislike to, for now at least.


Given Weasel’s love of soup and a monumentous event at the in-laws’ house that involved asking for thirds of butternut squash recently, I went for squash soup. I’m not going to claim to have followed a recipe, but I did peek at a photo of some squash soup on Pinterest and thought it was pretty (click here for a real recipe).



1 small butternut squash (because on my ill-fated attempted at finding Halloween stuff this year, that’s all I got out of a trek to ASDA and they seem to stock only mini-squashes)

1 red onion

3 medium potatoes (the ones from those adverts with the Desperate Housewife)

2 ham stock cubes (bought because I didn’t know ham stock existed, and like bacon, it does increase the awesome factor of everything)

2 tbsp of ground cumin

About 100ml of double cream (I figured I should put a dairy product in it and this and this was the one on offer in M&S, great reason for purchase)


All I did was chop up the veg into large chunks, boil all this (except the cream) up in maybe 4 pints of water for about half an hour and then blitz it into a purée. I added the cream just before serving which had the added bonus of cooling it down for the kids. I served it with some leftover garlic naan bread from the night before’s takeaway curry which went really well.

It’s not the most exciting looking thing in the world, but it was damn tasty.


Weasel’s Verdict: She liked it for about 5 bites and then decided she’d rather sit and whine about her water cup/her unmatched cutlery/her sister grabbing things off the table/life in general instead. That, in my book, was actually a success.



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