Swirly, Spinkly Sugar Cookies

I love sugar cookies and I don’t think I ever met anyone who doesn’t. They’re simple, versatile and even the fussiest of kids will eat them. This recipe sort of takes the simple sugar cookie, adds quite a lot of prep time but then delivers something that looks amazing. The original Pinterest recipe (click here) has swirly Halloween colours, but all I had was leftover green, blue, purple and yellow so that would have to do. The completely non-matching neon sugar sprinkles didn’t seem to matter once they were on.

You start out fairly simple with a sugar cookie recipe, and a quick google search will give you about a million recipes that are all similar (I must admit to totally forgetting which site I used). The swirly cookie recipe tells you to buy the pre-made dough, not easy in the UK and with such an easy to make product, it seems a waste of money.

Once you have your dough (or bought some), separate into 4 parts (or however many colours you plan on having). Squish food dye or gel dye into them, dying your hands in the process. I seem to have taken a liking to the blue and scoffed half of it during the cookie making process. Total rookie mistake. If you are a binging glutton like me, probably best to steal from all colours evenly. Kind of just put a little ball of each colour together like in the photo below.


Then roll them up in your hand, like you were making a Play-Doh snake, and lay it out on a board (I didn’t find I needed to flour mine at all). Roll it up like a snail.


Having popped all my neon sprinkles in a bowl, I then rolled the cookies in them, making sure to give them a good smoosh in.


Lay them out on a baking sheet, baking them as per cookie instructions. I did them slightly longer on a slightly lower temperature since they were pretty thick. And ta-dah! Awesome cookies!

IMG_1308They were super tasty and looked so amazing that they were worth the extra effort. I will never make them again since I scoffed 10 in one sitting. They are too good for this world.



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