Monthly Archives: April 2013

Random Musings on Celebrity Kids’ Culture and Poo Books

I’m not that into celebrity culture. I never recognise anyone in Hello! magazine and most of reality tv seems to pass me by (barring a total addiction to any cooking program and a very bad habit of watching Millionaire Matchmaker, which baffles even me). But give me anything to do with celebrity kids, and I’m […]

Hello Tiger – Mr Maker Kits

I like crafts, I do. But I have zero talent and even less patience, so I’m not very good at doing crafty projects. They either remain unfinished, unstarted (but with all materials bought obviously) or they look so incredibly rubbish that they never see the light of day. So ready made craft packs are more […]

Attempt 1 at Venetian Gnocchi

I’m a total cookbook addict. I’ll buy anything with pretty pictures and a back story and something that will look glamorous at a sophisticated dinner party I will throw when I am a grown up. The problem is that I forget they are up on that high shelf (I am quite short). Sometimes I’ll try […]

I can’t remember the episode with Kirk covered in yoghurt, but this is what it would have looked like…

Any excuse to dress up Weasel and Baby Sister and I will take it, much to Husband’s dismay. So, Baby Sister needs food? Amazing, bib shopping we go! After the discovery that most bibs suck and are of the ‘I’m daddy’s favorite princess cupcake girl’ variety, I turned to Folksy. If you don’t know, Folksy […]

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes Made A Little Less Calorific

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m never going to manage to stop baking, and to be honest, I don’t want to. So I’ve got to come up with ways not to be a total blimp and still make tasty, sweet treats. Step one has definitely been to halve or even quarter the recipes. I […]

Kew Bridge Steam Museum – This is What I Get for Marrying a Physicist

Yes, this is proper anorak territory. On a rainy, cold, supposed-to-be-spring day, we headed up to Brentford to relive one of Husband’s childhood days out – Kew Bridge Steam Museum. Before we set off, Weasel had clearly been brainwashed, repeating over and over in the car “I love steam engines! Going to see steam engines!”. […]

Strawberry Tartlets a.k.a. Mary Berry is Surely to Blame for My Flabby Tummy

I’m not quite sure if telly has gone baking mad or it’s that all I want to watch are baking shows because I’m supposed to be dieting. Either way, I am addicted to the Great British Bake Off and as a consequence want to nothing of an evening but stuff my face with raw dough […]