Random Musings on Celebrity Kids’ Culture and Poo Books

I’m not that into celebrity culture. I never recognise anyone in Hello! magazine and most of reality tv seems to pass me by (barring a total addiction to any cooking program and a very bad habit of watching Millionaire Matchmaker, which baffles even me). But give me anything to do with celebrity kids, and I’m there. I love seeing what gorgeous clothes Alyson Hannigan has put her kids in or watching SJP trot her twins off to school in NYC. Why? Not a clue.

Here’s the sort of photos I can’t resist

wenn4154642-824x1024Inspired by seeing Mr Mariah Carey potty training their son whilst reading a book Weasel loves, I thought I could share with you Weasel’s poo books. Potty training is a wondrous adventure (haha!) and is driving me to the brink. My whole life is consumed with talk of wees, poos and knickers. This occurs in public and I often find myself having to answer great questions (loudly) such as “mummy, do you have knickers on? They have cats on them? They have a bow? Are you Dry? Good job mummy, you get chocolate!”. I wish I got chocolate every time I went to the loo and still had dry knickers. I’d live in there just chowing down on Mars bars. At least it’s nice to know, that despite their gold-plated toilet, Mr & Mrs Carey get to go through the same ‘joy’ as the rest of us. Maybe the nanny gets these awesome question though.

Now the poo book is essential to potty training. I’m not talking books about potties or being a big girl, I mean mindless reading to be done on the loo. A few learnings I’ve had (generally learned the hard way) – cardboard books are good (cleanable and also less destroyed if the pages get wet), sticker books are baaaaaad (no, they don’t flush well either), long books are good, books with not enough pictures so you have to read them are bad, textured books are bad. You want something you can either nuke afterwards, throw away or wipe clean with some Dettol/Lysol wipes (other wipes are available). You want a book they’re not going to get bored of since you don’t want to be swapping these out. We have 2 toilets, so hence have to have 2 books. Weasel’s choices?

Commotion Under the Ocean – Cardboard book, so going to be rescueable one day when it wants to find its way back to the bookshelf. Loads of intricate pictures and animals keep her interest, whilst it even serves an educational purpose – she kicked ass at identifying sea creatures at the aquarium.


The world’s most awesome cat book – We don’t even know what it’s called. Bought for a joke in Hong Kong, the pictures of cats dressed as bees, ladybirds and Victorian ladies with things like ‘Supercool!’ written above it keep Weasel interested for the long haul. Sadly this one is going to be difficult to clean. It rocks so much and saves us from pretending to read it to her as a bedtime story. Here is this piece of art –


Starting off with a simple one – dress your cat as a bee! This is me purchasing the cat book in Hong Kong long before Weasel was on the scene.


Feel the need to dress your cat as Lolita? Here you go!


Want to make your own cat pissed off too? Cut out patterns!


Need advice on what makes your cat’s bum go ‘fing fing’? The answer is of course grumpy chocolate cake headed babies.


And finally, one of my personal favourites, laser-eyed pufferfish-capturing cats. Oh yes my friend, this book is worth a trip to Hong Kong for.





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  1. poor cats…i have a huge love of animals but never understood the need for dressing them in costume

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