Monthly Archives: November 2012

Pirates Love Underpants – Just about the perfect book for a potty trainer

Weasel’s current obsession? Bodily functions. This would be the long-dreaded potty training phase. I say phase, as we are lazy parents going for the ‘if I leave potties, toilet toppers with little step-stools and books about pants around the house, she can potty train herself, right?!’ method. I reckon, in fact, that most new parenting […]

‘The Place to Eat’ – John Lewis Cafe – Southampton

Faced with the impossibility of getting a table at lunchtime in West Quay shopping centre on a Saturday, and knowing we could at least get a table, we headed off to the cafe, err, sorry, restaurant, at the top of John Lewis in Southampton. It’s just a shame they do such crap coffee, although this […]

Warwick Services – The Bursting Point on the Way to Birmingham and the Grumpy Point on the Way Home

A motorway service station – not exactly a glamorous destination, but a necessary stop for the toddler energy to come exploding out in a great running ball of tantrum. One we often end up at is Warwick as we have regular runs to Birmingham and this is the point on the way up that Weasel’s […]

Monster Snack Pots Good, Baby Sisters Take Longer to Get Used to

You’re meant to exchange presents between current siblings and newly arrived ones in order to bribe them into liking the new addition, right? Whilst the monster snack pot (filled with chocolate cookies of course) and coordinating plate went down a treat, I’m not so sure the psychology initially worked. We’re getting there though. The range […]

The Boatman – Guildford

Needing somewhere near gymnastics with a car park to grab lunch at before Weasel had a chance to pass out into her afternoon nap, I decided to check out The Boatman in Guildford. To be fair, we had been once before, sitting out on the riverside terrace on a hot sunny day. Luckily, on a […]

Explosion Museum Gosport – Mostly Bombs

Although Portsmouth Historic Dockyard tickets are a little pricey at around £20, they do have the advantage of letting you have multiple entry to some of the exhibits and contain more museums than you could visit in a day. One of the museums that we had never made it to, and decided to take advantage […]

Meeting Your Toddler’s Demand for a “Pirate Ship Being Eaten by an Octopus” Cake

Weasel loves octopuses and pirate ships, so it wasn’t a great surprise that when asked what she wanted on her birthday cake these two items would feature. Having had cakey disasters in the past, or at least cakes that eat up days of my life making, I first looked for ways to cheat. Cheat 1: […]