Hello Tiger – Mr Maker Kits

I like crafts, I do. But I have zero talent and even less patience, so I’m not very good at doing crafty projects. They either remain unfinished, unstarted (but with all materials bought obviously) or they look so incredibly rubbish that they never see the light of day. So ready made craft packs are more my cup of tea. I do like Mr Maker crafts, and they do seem to keep Weasel more interested than the tv show itself (I suspect this could be an age thing). But often these sorts of things seem a bit useless afterwards. This make-your-own tiger puppet kit was bought from Hobbycraft for £4.99 brought by Father Christmas and left in Weasel’s stocking, but you can get it off Amazon for about half that and so far is still getting played with about 2 months on from its making. My adding skills aren’t that terrible, I know it’s been longer than that since Christmas, we just save this sort of stuff in the dining room sideboard for a rainy day. Or in this case, a day we were losing it during the never-ending winter.


Weasel decides it’s time to make a Tiger by interrupting my Neighbours watching kindly bringing in the half-torn-to-pieces kit she has discovered and already attempted to make herself quietly. Requiring help, she decides to involve me finally.


It was pretty straight forward even for a 2 year old. She needed a bit of help with the sewing (I put the ‘needle’ through one side, she pulled it out the other, although she got bored of this about half way through), but was able to stick on all the eyes/sticky-back felt herself.


I can’t help getting out a bit of unicorn puke, much to Husband’s dismay.


And ta-dah!


Tiger even gets to join Weasel’s car seat menagerie occasionally; truly an honour.


Verdict: Good value for money- making it distracts your hyper, angry 2 year old for 45 minutes and actually gets played with later. It’s also one of the few creations you look at later and remember what animal it’s supposed to be. Nice one Mr Maker.


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