Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Taste of Weybridge & Pizza Express

Taste of London, with its champagne bars and celebrity chefs, this is not, but it’s nice to see local restaurants and businesses holding an outdoor food festival for the community for the Jubilee (well, a week in advance of the Jubilee). The Taste of Weybridge, was particularly awesome since it was free and from what […]

The Old Market House, Brixham

With just about the most awesome location ever and a sunny table big enough for 9 on the balcony over-looking the harbour, The Old Market House in Brixham was hard to resist. We popped in for a slightly late lunch, having taken the boat over from Torquay and it ended up being a mixed bag […]

Hippo Has a Hat – Hardly Literary Genius

I’m starting to expect the worst when I pull books out of the multi-pack bought from the Book People ages ago, but was still blown away by the crapness of Hippo Has a Hat. I’m not worried about offending the author; it does feel like she had to get a book out quickly to fulfill […]

My Daughter Ate Peas! Risi e Bisi Recipe

We got through the weaning stage with typical optimism of ‘everyone complains about their kids not eating veg, but look at mine – she eats anything! Broccoli! Carrots! Cauliflower! Psssch, what were they doing wrong?!’ Then you hit the brick wall that is toddler and you realise you were a fool. We’ve now passed the […]

Aarrrrr…Brixham Pirate Festival & The Golden Hind

Having not been able to find a space at Paignton sea front due to a motorcycle festival, we decided to drive to whatever the next big town was along the coast on a Sunday afternoon. We must have just about the most awesome luck ever because that next town was Brixham and Brixham was having […]

The Hunt for the Perfect Sippy Cup

I had an insane notion that Weasel wouldn’t use a bottle past 6 months, just planned on just removing it one day. Plus the idea that Weasel would go straight to her first non-milk in a normal cup without even needing the sippy cup stage. Honestly, the things my brain thought, with very little research, […]

Not the Taj Mahal – it’s the Watercress Festival!

My husband went to the Taj Mahal last weekend. I got the joy of getting this photo thanks to Facebook whilst looking after an attention-seeking toddler. Having decided to find something equally as exciting to do, I discovered the annual Watercress Festival was on in Alresford near Winchester, and what could sound more exciting than […]