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Salt Marsh Kitchen – All My Welsh Dreams Come True

As you can tell from the advanced age of my two, it’s maybe been a little longer than anticipated since the last post about my 2 toddlers. But it has meant an awful lot of family trips to the upper left-corner of Wales, and in particular, to Tywyn. After playing the game to see if […]

A 1950’s Vision of the Future – Atomium with Some Toddlers

Pre-kiddos we used to go every year to Brussels – chips, chocolate and beer – it’s pretty much the ideal weekend break. And only 2 hours away by train, it’s closer than visiting most places in the UK. So we decided it would be nice to visit friends with some similarly aged kids and show […]

Going Off-The-Chain Itailian in Windsor – Francesco’s

Every time I have ever ended up hunting for dinner in Windsor, it has involved trapsing around door-to-door looking for somewhere to seat 8 with no notice on a Saturday, with very little luck. We usually end up with grumpy kids carrying pushchairs upstairs and feeling a little disheartened by a mediocre faux-Italian menu. SO […]

Garden Centres – Cakes, ‘Puppies’ and Potted-Plants

Slightly rainy Saturday? Too chicken to brave a softplay on a drizzled weekend? Out of fish food/greeting cards/Shih Tzu calendars/random sweets in jars/shit you never knew you wanted? Excellent, garden centre it is then. We did genuinely need fish food and a 2014 calendar (on sale for 50p, whoop whoop!), so the garden centre with […]

Toddlers vs the Restaurants of Alykanas

Two toddlers. 7 Nights of holiday meals. Yes, it was always going to be fun. Whilst in Zakynthos, we did economise by eating breakfast and lunch at the hotel, mostly consisting of chocolate Whetabix I brought over in my suitcase (sad, yes) and ham & cheese sandwiches for lunch. So for dinner we were going […]

Fairbourne Railway – or Visiting Ivor the Engine

Given Weasel’s current love of Ivor the Engine (thank you Husband), there was no way we were going to manage a trip to the top left-hand corner of Wales without riding on a little steam train. Conveniently somewhat near where we were headed for lunch, we set off for the Fairbourne Railway, to do a […]

Honey Ice Cream – Tywyn

Someone on our family trip (I shall name no names) admitted that they weren’t a big fan of Honey Ice Cream from the Halo factory shop in Tywyn, something that must be said very quietly around my in-law clan. And I must admit, not being a great lover of honey, I’m not all that keen […]