Monthly Archives: June 2012

Port Side Pirates – A Slow Grower

My first thoughts of Port Side Pirates was definitely ‘ugh’. Originally bought to ensure Weasel understood port, starboard, and of course, essentially, the adventurous nature of going on a boat, my first read made me cringe. It has to be sung and only one line changes per page, making it feel nauseatingly repetitive. But amazingly, […]

Carb Variety in Early Weaning – Stop Being Boring

Ok, so this is a bit off my normal posts, but despite my laid back nature, Weasel’s eating habits are very important to me. One key thing is that I want her to eat with us and eat what we’re eating (this of course means reigning in a few of our bad habits! There be […]

Gym Jams – Normandy

We only found out about Gym Jams through an NCT friend, and knowledge of it does seem to be spread solely by word of mouth. Many local soft play frequenters hadn’t heard of it at all. Not your typical centre, it’s located in the local community hall and set up a few days a week. […]

American Diner Fit for a Weasel

Wanting some fresh sea air and a little walk, we decided to head down to Port Solent near Portsmouth for the afternoon. Whilst the walk was cut very short by rain, we did get to check out Dean’s Diner right on the marina front. With views of boats, it would have been great to sit […]

We’re Mostly Loving…Our New Quack Umbrella

What pretty much guarantees it won’t rain on a day out with Weasel for a whole 2 weeks? The purchase of a kick-ass duck umbrella, that’s what. This thing has been carted under the Bee ever since and has yet to make an appearance! Soon I’m sure, soon it will rain and we can test […]

New Category – Stuff That Rocks

I’ve decided to add a new category of Stuff That Rocks for all the wicked stuff out there for kids that isn’t necessarily a gadget and we might just think it deserves a shout out for its awesomeness.  Hope you like it!

Muntnin Trays – or, as Everyone Else Might Call Them, Car Seat Trays

Weasel is convinced that the sole reason this tray exists is to sit her 2 monkeys on, therefore referring to it as the ‘muntnin tray’. Even with this slight limitation in usefulness (until she realises she can do more than just keep her monkeys balanced), this car seat tray by Star Kids, bought for keeping […]