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Goodbye England, bonjour La Belgique!

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Penguins and a Very Exciting Cow at Edinburgh Zoo

You’re probably thinking, ‘surely you’d mention the pandas in the title, the most exciting thing at Edinburgh zoo?”. Well the lady panda was ‘feeling a little sensitive to noise’ so not only could we not see the pandas, we couldn’t get within a mile of said panda. There best be a baby panda by the […]

Toddlers vs the Restaurants of Alykanas

Two toddlers. 7 Nights of holiday meals. Yes, it was always going to be fun. Whilst in Zakynthos, we did economise by eating breakfast and lunch at the hotel, mostly consisting of chocolate Whetabix I brought over in my suitcase (sad, yes) and ham & cheese sandwiches for lunch. So for dinner we were going […]

Zakynthos Airport with a Toddler

Holiday airports suck. It’s a fact. The air-con never works, there’s never enough chairs and pre-boarding with your young kids really goes out the window when you have to go by bus to the airplane. So how best to cope with this one? Impressively, Zakynthos airport (that linked page is amazing, people slagging it off […]

Zakynthos with a Toddler or Two

For a start I’m going to unapologetically use the island’s Greek name as opposed to the Italian name widely used in the UK, presumably as party-goers in Zante might not be able to pronounce Zakynthos by the end of the night. We, being predominantly sober parenty types, and great pedants, would be doing more nappy […]

Weasel & Gravel Are Jetting Off to the Greek Sunshine

This week we’ll be mostly on a Greek beach

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs at the Southbank Centre

A Londoner-friend had texted me a photo of the Les Enfants Terribles production of Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs a few weeks back after she’d seen photos of us going in fancy dress to Roo over at London with a Toddler’s birthday party based on the books. Although it sounded amazing, and is one […]