Monthly Archives: August 2012

These Boots are Made for Weasel

How exciting to find the one pair of boots on sale in the supermarket are a) in Weasel’s size, are b) half price and c) were picked out by Weasel herself screaming ‘Mummy boots! Want!’. Perfect for autumn and a bargain at £7, the only issue is husband who insisted on putting trainers in her […]

Puzzles! aka mummy can’t resist a bargain on Olympic stuff

What’s the most awesome thing in the entire Weasel world right now (ok, apart from hair clips)? Puzzles. A random purchase of an Olympic puzzle on sale at the supermarket is now constantly on her mind. She wakes up wanting to ‘make puzzles!’, she wants to ‘make puzzles!’ last thing before bed. Obsessive cannot begin […]

Giraffe – Amazingstoke

Needing a bite to eat for a late lunch in Amazingstoke’s Festival Place, the mother-in-law and I checked out the Giraffe chain. I’m not quite sure why I haven’t been before given Weasel’s love of “raffs”. In the outside food court area of the mall, the location is great for Weasel’s people-watching habit. Practicalities: Menu […]

Taco Pasta – so wrong yet so right

I know it’s so very wrong, but Taco Pasta is so tasty that in our house we always ensure we have some leftover taco meat just to make this dish the next day. Yes, we cheat and buy the Old El Paso or Discovery Taco seasoning mix, mostly because for the sake of 69 of […]

We are mostly loving…our Sainsbury’s sandpit as a mini-pool

Not particularly useful as a sandpit as it doesn’t have a cover, this quick to inflate toy from Sainsbury’s does however work great on a hot day as a miniature pool. With its 3 compartments, Weasel can transfer water between them and amazingly pretty much fit into the larger two. It was well worth the […]

Milan part deux – Piazza Lima and Around

Husband’s work colleagues did question why he let me choose a hotel near Piazza Lima, on Corso Buenos Aries, one of the longest shopping streets in Europe. Thankfully for the bank account, I can’t squeeze my arse into anything these shops sell to tiny Italian women and the kids’ clothes shops seemed a little old […]

Ikea Rocks! No, seriously….

As long as you choose your time and day carefully, Ikea can be awesome fun for kids. People think I’m mental for suggesting it, but it’s true. This time we chose a super sunny day to hit Ikea Southampton – air-conditioned, empty, meatball filled, fake houses for Weasel to explore, all make it a great day […]