Monthly Archives: January 2013

Toddler Brushing Ploy Number 29- A Mirror

Weasel has been demanding we brush her teeth lately, which is annoying when she’s been brushing her own, sometimes reluctantly, for over a year. So for my new trick I decided to appeal to her narcissistic side – mirrors! Well, her auntie mostly should get credit for this, having lifted her onto the counter to […]

Wagamama Basingstoke – Good For Dancing According to Weasel

This would be time number four that Weasel has accompanied us to Wagamama‘s. And despite the fact that it is one of the noisiest restaurants at lunchtime, this would be the first time Weasel decided to be awake for the occasion. I think probably because it is such an awkward place for her to need […]

Brica Corner Basket – Not Rubbish!

Pretty much all all devices to help my bathroom from looking like it’s been hit by a rampaging tornado seem to fail. Attached shelves to hold up my our way too many assorted bottles of shampoo, shower gel and random Boots Christmas set items seem to end up rusting, plastic shelves just remind me of […]

Gravel Enjoys His Wheelbarrow

A quick trip to Mothercare today to purchase some 3m+ bottle teats quickly turned into (as it always does) a polava when I remembered I had 2 kids’ birthday presents to buy (and chose the largest things I could find of course), really needed some wipes (oh look, that case of them is on offer!) […]

Snow Bumbo!

Ok, this would definitely go in our guide to bad parenting, but Husband assures me that given she’s in a waterproof goosedown all-in-one, she’s the same temperature as she would be not packed into the snow. A snow Bumbo totally works to help you tiddler ‘enjoy’ the snow whilst helping your toddler build a snowman. […]

ZSL Whipsnade in the Sunshine

Obviously, given the distinctly Arctic nature to the weather right now, it was a few months’ back that we visited Whipsnade Zoo. The Zoological Society of London at Whipsnade was created in the late 1920’s to house the London Zoo’s larger animals and is ginormous at 600 acres. To my then huge pregnant self, that […]

Stay & Play – Farnham

A second soft play place in Farnham? Really? I had to admit I had never seen Stay & Play, but the internet assured me that it existed and was centrally located right behind Sainsbury’s. The website wasn’t particularly reassuring – artist’s impressions rather than photographs usually make me run a mile. But we gave it […]