Monthly Archives: May 2013

Mallorca with 4 Under 4’s

So on attempt number 3 to get to the Spanish island of Mallorca, I finally made it. Attempt one ended in Devon, attempt 2 in only just slightly further away Cornwall. This time an actual plane took us to the actual foreign island, woohoo! Sometimes I am a wing-it kind of person, booking the night […]

Weasel Goes All Eurovision

Yes, Eurovision is important enough to keep the Weasel up until 11pm. It really actually is in our house. For all of you who don’t know what Eurovision is, it’s an amazingly awesome, camp, terrible song contest and I love it. And Weasel loves it too. Here is her official commentary on the acts: France: […]

Holidays with a Weaning Baby and a Potty Trainer a.k.a. how 2 small people can produce as much laundry as a city-state

It all seems very generous when the travel company gives you 20kg worth of luggage for your toddler, and even more generous for the 10kg they give you for your free baby. Then you start to pack and suddenly realise a few key facts that make you need more clothes for the week than exist […]

Tanoshii Fusion Winchester – Weasel eats all our rice, Suvster has break down

Well, the inevitable has happened. The small one has decided to have a breakdown whilst the large one behaved and ate her dinner. The whole ‘happy baby’ front had to end some time. All this happened in the unexpectedly child-friendly Tanoshii Fusion in Winchester when visiting with Weasel’s friend B (and her parents of course). […]