Weasel Goes All Eurovision

Yes, Eurovision is important enough to keep the Weasel up until 11pm. It really actually is in our house. For all of you who don’t know what Eurovision is, it’s an amazingly awesome, camp, terrible song contest and I love it. And Weasel loves it too. Here is her official commentary on the acts:

France: “It’s like David Bowie” (about a woman that looks like Courtney Love)

Lithuania: “I don’t know!”

Moldova: “It’s good.”

Finland: “It’s good, she goes up!” “Clap your hands!” (lots of arm waving)

Spain: “I want to go there and do music. And I can have a lovely dress. Do you want to wear a pretty dress like me? When I get young I will buy you a dress mummy.”

Belgium: “Boys and girls do Superman!”

Estonia: “She’s actually got bad eyes and she’s actually singing.”

Belarus: “Good.” (Refused to elaborate, started to look sleepy) “One day I do that I can dance and roll like this”.

Malta: “Argh! He smiled at me!” (to be fair, they were a little too smiley)

Russia: me: What do you think of this one?, Weasel: “I don’t know! Don’t be rude!”

Germany: “Oh. She is singing well.” (To terrible singer. Jumps off sofa, dances like singer)

Armenia: “Armenia, That’s like a shooting star, yep. You gotta clap slowly, this is slowly. (Speeds up) Now fast!”

The Netherlands: “Don’t like it” (awful boring song)

Romania: “Don’t like it. It’s got a funny face. I haven’t got a funny face.”

UK: “It’s good. She’s not a bad creature.” (Poor Bonny Tyler)

Sweden: (misbehaves, start rearranging the living room, ignores this entry entirely)

Hungary: “Tractor, tractor, zebra”. (Starts singing Wheels on the Bus) “Mummies don’t have beards, only daddies have beards”.

Denmark: “good, good music. Crying in the rest of the world girl, crying.” (starts singing Wheels on the Bus again)

Iceland: “He’s got a beard like daddy.”

Azerbaijan: “Why’s the man stuck in the box daddy? Why daddy? Why is he stuck in the box?”

Greece: (hops around like a frog) Me: should they win Weasel? Weasel: “Yes, they is wind”.

Ukraine: “It’s a giant!” (starts reading a new book on fish that makes bubbly noises)

Italy: “Good. I’m in my house!”

Norway: “I want to go to Norway later to see the music”.

Georgia: (Reads pirate book, refuses to review it)

Ireland: “no.”

Me: Who should we vote for Weasel? Weasel: The little boat. You vote for the little boat. No, the big boat.

During the recap she decides to vote for number 19. That’s Iceland. There is no reason why. She likes the actual number 19. Good times.

Happy Eurovision day everyone and let’s hear it for the number 19!


And number 19



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