Tanoshii Fusion Winchester – Weasel eats all our rice, Suvster has break down

Well, the inevitable has happened. The small one has decided to have a breakdown whilst the large one behaved and ate her dinner. The whole ‘happy baby’ front had to end some time. All this happened in the unexpectedly child-friendly Tanoshii Fusion in Winchester when visiting with Weasel’s friend B (and her parents of course).


Food: Awesome. We were a bit weird and ordered some hot meals (it was freeeezing outside, warmth was needed) and some tuna sashimi for Weasel. This of course ended in us eating all of her sashimi and her devouring all of Husband’s rice. In addition (yes, this is way too much food), we had a sharing platter which included sweet potato tempura which makes me drool just remembering. Weasel refused all the platter of course whilst Suvster did ninja moves at anything within her reach. Our friends ordered more sushi that could possibly be consumed and we all felt like bloated greedy happy bastards leaving this place.


The wee one ended up with cucumbers soaked in some tasty brown sauce in her Nuby net thing to try and keep her occupied/happy/fill her never-ending need for food. This insatiable love of food combined with a hair-trigger reflex to spew like a fountain when she has anything besides the smoothest purée known to womankind means we have lots of fun. By fun of course I mean laundry and used baby wipes.


Atmosphere and Practicalities: For some reason Asian restaurants don’t seem to be frequented by a lot of toddlers. The staff are always friendly (and at Tanoshii exceptionally so, chatting away to the three girls endlessly), but there rarely seems to be changing facilities nor other kids around. All very weird. There was space in the ladies loo to change Suvster on the floor and Weasel enjoyed the pink handsoap and wall murals. They did have high chairs and at lunchtime we only had one pair of other diners so could make as much noise as 3 tiny pairs of lungs could manage.

Verdict: Amazing food, lovely staff who seem to genuinely enjoy seeing kids, variety to suit most everyone and a takeaway service should you need to bail unexpectedly. Right in the centre, yet on a less-well trodden street, you get central but not over-crowded (this was a Saturday lunchtime). We’ll definitely be making a return trip.


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