Monthly Archives: July 2012

Tortiglioni with Brie, Courgette and Pomodorini

This bright summery pasta is great for little hands and sneaking veggies past toddlers. To start with, tortiglioni is by far Weasel’s favourite pasta, so anything I chuck on there is bound to get eaten – the size and shape seems to really suit little hands. And its tastiness hot or cold means it’s versatile […]

We’re Mostly Loving…Our New Fishy Hat

Totally forgotten sunhat requires quick shopping trip, darn.

Guildford Lido on the Hottest Day of the Year

It was a Wednesday right, who would go to Guildford Lido on a Wednesday? In July? When it’s 30 degrees C out? It turns out everyone from a 60 mile radius would. It also turns out there are a lot of very interesting people in a 60 mile radius of Guildford. Here’s Weasel being a […]

Gourmet Pizza at Gabriel’s Wharf

After a bit of an adventurous day exploring and feeling all cultural on the Southbank, we decided to stay in London to grab a bite to eat. Due to the presence of a toddler making us eat early, we sort of expected to find loads of free tables at restaurants, but we were proved very […]

Littlelife Harness Backpack – Trying to Convince Weasel That It’s Fun to be a Turtle

As soon as Weasel could walk, it was pretty clear that we were going to be spending a lot of time chasing after her. After seeing a few other parents with harnesses  (convenient having the youngest in your NCT group means you see others needing & using these sorts of things first!), we thought we’d […]

Everyone Needs a New Pair of Red Sandals Ready for Milan

Although husband would surely disagree, Weasel definitely needed some new red shoes for her impending Milan city-break. I’m sure no one there will recognise the F&F label 🙂 And oh dear, none for mummy; might just have to get a pair out there…

More Fish! Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay

I’m a sucker for aquariums so was excited to get to check out the Blue Reef Aquarium whilst on holiday in Newquay. Not only is it in an awesome location, right on the gorgeous (if slightly windblown this summer!) seafront, but has a wicked shark tunnel which has now made Weasel completely obsessed with tunnels. […]