Going Off-The-Chain Itailian in Windsor – Francesco’s

Every time I have ever ended up hunting for dinner in Windsor, it has involved trapsing around door-to-door looking for somewhere to seat 8 with no notice on a Saturday, with very little luck. We usually end up with grumpy kids carrying pushchairs upstairs and feeling a little disheartened by a mediocre faux-Italian menu. SO for once in my life, I booked! I felt smug as hell having remembered this for once. And I even went on Trip Advisor. And I googled ‘places to eat in Windsor with kids’.  It’s about the most prepared I’ve ever been in my life. What I came up with was Francesco’s on Peascod Street.

You always wonder when somewhere claims to be ‘child-friendly’ what they actually mean, so I was a little nervous. On walking in, I quickly realised everyone had got the same memo and every table had at least one kid under age 6, so our gaggle of 4 could rest assured they weren’t going to get shushed by anyone. Well, especially the Ninja, who fell asleep as we approached the restaurant and missed dinner.

After a day out in Windsor visiting the Queen and a run round in the park, I’m not surprised she slept through dinner


The menu wasn’t as extensive as you’d get in a chain, but there’s somehting quite nice about that and maybe reassuring that what is there is fresher (could be a bit naive here…). After seeing antipasto di formaggi on the menu (as a sharing platter, but I can pretend I’m going to share it instead of gobbling it all myself), I had to order it. And I didn’t have to share with one daughter at least.


The kids’ menu was pretty good too, so I guess I should mention that. For starters there’s a choice of bread, garlic bread or cheesy garlic bread- great news if your child is like mine and decides they suddenly, out of the blue, hate cheese or something random. For mains you get loads of choice of pasta, salad (haha, as if!) and pizza. The £5.95 includes a drink and saucy, wafered ice cream.

My tasty main, om nom nom. Any kind of seafood pasta and I’m a happy camper.


Well-pleased with her ice cream

 IMG_4888 (1)

So good food, great kids’ menu and more kids than you see in one restaurant outside of Legoland, I’d definitely recommend Francesco’s as a great alternative to the typical Windsor chains.


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