Monthly Archives: March 2012

M&S Cafe at The Meadows

We’re not always out at museums and restaurants with Weasel; sometimes we have to do boring things like buy work shoes for husbands, an exceptionally dull task (would you like those in black, really really really dark blue or priest black?). So today we had a family outing to the massive M&S in Camberley (i.e. ‘The Meadows’ […]

One Mole Digging a Hole

I despise this book. One Mole Digging a Hole is badly illustrated, has painful rhythm and is just plain dull. When Weasel toddles off across the room to her book shelf, I get a sense of dread that she might bring back this book and I would soon be called on to read it over […]

Norfolk Broads in Winter

I must admit, Norfolk is not the first place I think of when it comes to holiday destinations. In fact, I’m not sure I ever had any thoughts about Norfolk, and despite priding myself of my geographic skills, most likely would have failed to point out the county on a map prior to booking a […]

The Muppets – Weasel’s First Film Review

You can take a toddler to the cinema, it just requires a lot more planning than than in your  pre-munchkin life. Whereas before all you had to think about was whether or not to grab a cardigan because it might be chilly, now you must go in prepared like a member of the SAS. We […]

Weasel hates Storm Troopers

Having a husband that grew up in Hampshire means a lot of trips to relive his childhood memories and back in October we decided to see if Intech Scinence Centre in Winchester was as good as those 20 year old memories were making it out to be. Thankfully there weren’t too many scout groups (why […]

The Anchor – Boats! Ducks! Dogs!

Located just round the back of RHS Wisley Garden, the great hangout for Surrey toddlers, The Anchor pub/restaurant is fantastic and beats the canteen-style food at Wisley hands down. Not only is the food really good (cannot stop thinking about the hot wings….) but there was plenty to entertain Weasel; ducks (although reigns might be […]


Thanks to some very kid-savvy friends, we often seem to get books that wouldn’t have jumped out at me to buy on Amazon or in a bookshop but that turn out to be amazing. Where’s Spot? doesn’t have award winning illustrations and half the animals could have quite easily been drawn by a toddler themselves (Are those […]