Weasel hates Storm Troopers

Having a husband that grew up in Hampshire means a lot of trips to relive his childhood memories and back in October we decided to see if Intech Scinence Centre in Winchester was as good as those 20 year old memories were making it out to be. Thankfully there weren’t too many scout groups (why must they always be on a treasure hunt with a tick sheet running around like over-excited stoats in every vaguely child-friendly museum!?) and there was a space exhibition on, hooray! And science of course means one thing – the museum will have hired in some Star Wars characters. Why? Who knows. But I recommend never handing your child to a storm trooper. We never made it to Darth Vader.

Despite her young age, there was still plenty to keep Weasel entertained and to keep staff members entertained by the complete nutters of parents who were trying to explain the concept of propulsion to a one year old. Highlights for her included hitting a plastic tube with a giant bath plug in it, hitting the dangling weights attempting to explain density and getting to draw (and eat) pictures of rockets. I may or may not have drawn the blue rocket outline, we may or may not have a wonder-child.


Changing facilities seemed ok.

There were a few issues with pram access, but I’m sure if we’d wondered round we would have found the ramps/lifts.

We didn’t go to the cafe as we were on our way to see the in-laws, but most people seem to slate it for being over-priced and having little choice.

Verdict: Worth it, probably more so if there’s something cool on. We will try to go back to visit the planetarium with Weasel when there’s something appropriate on for toddlers (i.e. super short and enough young-uns around that her shouting “Star! Moon!” over and over again won’t stand out from the murmur of a load of hyper 7 year olds. I’ll definitely book again for the skeptics evening that I missed due to a child projectile vomiting everywhere where they auctioned off an evening in the pub with Brian Cox. Ah, life, you are cruel.


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