Thanks to some very kid-savvy friends, we often seem to get books that wouldn’t have jumped out at me to buy on Amazon or in a bookshop but that turn out to be amazing. Where’s Spot? doesn’t have award winning illustrations and half the animals could have quite easily been drawn by a toddler themselves (Are those penguins in the box? Are they crows? Who knows!), but it really doesn’t matter because Weasel adores this book.

It has animal noises galore! It has flaps! It has a mummy dog! Honestly, what more could you want at a year and a half old? You will spend a lot of time re-glueing the flaps back down after some over-enthusiastic reading, but I’m sure that adds to the charm.

My advice is to get the giftset with the toy dog, then you can play endless games of Where’s Spot? around the house. Plus you get the joy of your toddler just pointing at the dog and going ‘there, mummy’ when asked ‘Is Spot under the bed? and rolling their eyes at you.


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