The Anchor – Boats! Ducks! Dogs!

Located just round the back of RHS Wisley Garden, the great hangout for Surrey toddlers, The Anchor pub/restaurant is fantastic and beats the canteen-style food at Wisley hands down. Not only is the food really good (cannot stop thinking about the hot wings….) but there was plenty to entertain Weasel; ducks (although reigns might be a good idea, patio is pretty much open to the toe-path), boats going by, Pyrford Lock with single file cars going over, dogs (with the added joy for us that Weasel shouts “god!” when she sees dogs) and loads of other kids to watch. Weasel’s plastic cow told me off a few times (“no mummy” it said to me strangely), so we used the sugar tongs later to explain abattoirs; I think me and that cow are even now.


We’ve been a few times, eating both inside and out, lunch and dinner and staff are super-helpful with carrying a highchair outside and holding doors for you. If you go around 6 like we did this weekend, the room at the back is jam-packed with kids, so you feel right at home.










The menu – Good choices, maybe 7 mains for kids, with juices and Capri Suns available. Weasel had the Mac & Cheese with garlic bread (although sliced tomatoes? Seriously? How many kids eat those? Put some damn peas in it), which she ate miraculously. They also do mini desserts, which, although not aimed at kids, are a perfect size for young-uns for £1.95. This would be my chocolate brownie sundae post-devouring-

Changing Facilities: Very good, although occasionally locked, right next to the entrance. Use the loo when you’re in there, the main loo seemed a little neglected and smelly.

Verdict: Recommended – amazing in summer to sit and watch the world go by or in winter with the smell of a wood fire. There’s great beer (it’s a Hall & Woodhouse brewery) and food, and if Weasel will eat their food any kid would.


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