Monthly Archives: July 2013

Positano – Guildford – Tasty but Not Suited for Toddlers

Having been to Positano years ago in its previous incarnation, I kept wanting to check it out again but being daunted by the masses of steps at the entrance. For my birthday, and for my need for some carbs to splurge on on this special occasion, I braved those steps. The staff seemed a little […]

Monsters University – Taking 2 Toddlers to the Cinema

Having seen the original Monsters Inc film, well, like 300 times due to a certain toddler’s obsession a while back, we were excited to see Monsters University come out. Whilst we were sure Weasel had the patience to handle a full film, we weren’t so sure about the short attention span of the Ninja, especially […]

PYO at Sutton Green and Our Very 1st Tarte Tatin

So not many sane people would choose to do pick your own in a baking 32c (90f) heat and less whilst you and your 2 toddlers have a raging cold. We had been to Sutton Green last year for strawberries, at a much more sensible time, see here.  We seemed to also time it exceptionally […]

David Ba-ba-ba-Bowie with a Toddler? Well, it’s not Harry Potter apparently…

I’m not going pretend this trip to see the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A was exactly aimed for toddler enjoyment, but who can resist taking toddlers into central London to a museum? The lead up – clearly, Weasel has no clue who David Bowie is, and the Ninja even less so. So this would […]

Chocolate Mousse, Custard & Raspberry Tart – How to Get Rid of Raspberries and Throw Your Diet Out the Window

Four important events are occurring this weekend that require me to make this tart. 1) Sunday Baking Club is having a pastry theme this week 2) I have 3 barbecues to go to this weekend and doubling this recipe is going to sort me for 2 of them 3)I have crap-loads of raspberries in my […]

Broadening Our Summer Salad Horizons and Pissing Off Most of the Family

So with the Ocado grocery delivery a couple of weeks ago came, as usual, the Ocado Life magazine which normally makes its way rather rapidly to the recycling bin. However, sweating like a pig in a desert and seeing the article on salads, I thought I’d have a look inside. I decided to have a […]

Healthy-ish Strawberry Cheesecake (Warning – Post Contains Some Very Ugly Cheesecake)

Not always brilliant at presentation, I seemed to shock even myself 2 weekends back by taking 2 very ugly desserts to a barbecue. I should have provided blindfolds for enjoying both the Strawberry Jello Cake and this, the world’s ugliest, but healthy, cheesecake. Well, it was healthy until I had the genius idea to chuck […]