One Mole Digging a Hole

I despise this book. One Mole Digging a Hole is badly illustrated, has painful rhythm and is just plain dull. When Weasel toddles off across the room to her book shelf, I get a sense of dread that she might bring back this book and I would soon be called on to read it over and over and over again with enthusiasm. Can I have enthusiasm about some storks with garden forks? No, no I can not.

Much to my dismay, Weasel loves this book. And as much as I wish that when I bought that multi-pack of books from the Book People at work, I would have held this one back for nearly-forgotten children’s birthday presents, I can’t bring myself to actually get rid of it. To be fair, there are a lot of nouns to point out; it’s taught her words like butterfly, flower and fox. And I know I’m being weird on this one, but I think the mole is creepy. Just look at those beady eyes staring at you. Creepy.

Verdict: your toddler will love it, you will leave boxes of crayons ‘by accident’ next to it in the vain hope it will soon be disposable



  1. But Julia Donaldson (the Gruffalo) and Nick Sharrat (Mrs Pirate) should be like the power couple of pre-school literature. How disappointing!!

    1. I know, it should be amazing! It’s just dull though.

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