Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Weirdness that is Meg & Mog

I’d never heard of Meg & Mog personally, being foreign and all that, but Husband informed me that they are ‘classics’. By this, Husband means they came out roughly when he was a kid and usually have mostly a nostalgic appeal. No doubt Meg & Mog feel like they come right out of the haze […]

‘Car in Train, in Tunnel, Underwater!’ Taking Le Shuttle with a Toddler

Le Shuttle is easy to explain to a toddler, but they will look at you like you’re completely mental. The concept of being in the car, on a train, in a tunnel, under the ocean sounds exciting but Weasel was convinced we were completely bullshitting her. Practicalities: Timings – At 35 minutes, it’s much faster […]

Fontainebleau – Something Free!

Wanting to visit at least something vaguely cultural and French on our trip to Disneyland Paris, I really wanted to check out the Château Fontainebleau, about 45 minutes away. As we hauled ourself there for about 3:30, we mostly ended up in the gardens. But these are some damn fine, and free, gardens, so I […]

Disneyland Paris & Pregnant – Worth It?

Before heading off on a possibly ill-timed family holiday with Weasel to Disneyland Paris, part of my prep was to Google ‘pregnant at Disneyland’ to find out just how limited my fun was going to be. Apart from finding the odd old forum, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of info out there, […]

Franceward Ho!

Prepping for a road-trip always seems to take longer with a Weasel…. Thank you bizarro French road safety regulations!

Roker’s Little Angels Soft Play

I somehow managed to avoid Roker’s Little Angels entirely despite everyone I know having been to this soft play place. For a start it could be that I can’t work out of an apostrophe is needed. Is it someone called Roker? Have they forgotten the apostrophe? Am I adding one unnecessarily? Can I bring myself […]

Amazon World aka Being Rubbed Up By Lemurs

On our weekend camping expedition to the Isle of Wight, it seemed only right to check out some of the awesome days out the island has to offer. It’s the sort of place you visit expecting a bit of cheese, low budgets and attractions shouting excitedly in their brochures about ‘free parking’ and ‘gift shops’. […]