Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Best Laid Plans….

This weekend our schedule in London went like this: kids cinema at the Barbican at 11, followed by lunch outside at the Cheese & Wine Festival at the Southbank Centre and ending in the Damian Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern. What could go wrong? The gods of buses, weather and tourists conspired against us […]

OXO Tower – Because Every Toddler Deserves a Meltdown in a Posh Cocktail Bar

Until having kids, anytime we were near the OXO Tower with anyone who hadn’t been there, I couldn’t resist popping up for a mojito overlooking some awesome London sights. I’ve been a little weary about popping up since in case we had the embarrassment of being turned away at the top or Weasel had a […]

The Jolly Farmer aka annoying toddler strikes back

So what happens when a friend says that your toddler is great in restaurants and we should go out to show her how it’s done? Sadly predictable isn’t it? Originally planned as a shopping trip into Guildford and lunch somewhere on the High Street, the monsoon-style rain storm quickly had us changing our minds and […]

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt….

Obviously this book either totally passed me by or it’s an English thing, because I only first heard of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt when we got given it for Christmas. My husband said it was awesome and got all nostalgic for it, so I automatically assumed it would be complete pants. Oh me […]

Talgarth Mill Cafe

So what do you get when husband watches a restoration show and you happen to be driving within 30 miles of the project? You get cake! So you’ll hear no complaints for me or Weasel. Talgarth Mill cafe/mill appeared recently on BBC 1’s Village SOS and was a community project to restore the old life-blood […]

Holiday Inn Express

It all seemed perfectly normal booking a hotel room for the weekend; didn’t put much thought into it at all. As soon as we pulled up to the Holiday Inn Express Duxford, it struck me that this would be the first time the three of us had stayed in a hotel since Weasel became mobile. […]

Country Gardens Royston

It might seem a little random to travel two hours to get to a garden centre, so I should probably explain that we have friends nearby; we’re not some kind of garden centre anoraks that travel around the country with notebooks and flasks of weak lemonade. And the reason for heading to Country Gardens isn’t […]