Talgarth Mill Cafe

So what do you get when husband watches a restoration show and you happen to be driving within 30 miles of the project? You get cake! So you’ll hear no complaints for me or Weasel.

Talgarth Mill cafe/mill appeared recently on BBC 1’s Village SOS and was a community project to restore the old life-blood of this small Welsh town, create an attraction and teach villagers skills to run a modern coffee shop and bakery. Sadly, the mill closed just as we arrived (rather than following our lead here, it might be wise to actually check timings – they close at 4), but we did get to stop at the last decent coffee shop on the road to nowhere. They even have the high chair that Mumsnet raves about (Ikea £12), which we were excited to try out for the first time. Cakes and coffee were there in abundance, but they also served food at lunch with a riverside (and I mean that in the British way, so a small stream) view.

Changing facilities? Surprisingly yes! I was worried when I saw the sign pointed back out the front door into the rain to the public loo in path leading to the cafe, but it was clean and had a changing table (although it did have a lock which I wasn’t sure if I could trust; added to the 10 feet the toilet was from the door made for a nerve wracking few minutes!).

Verdict: Definitely worth a stop if you’re passing through or to the Brecon Beacons to fill up on some tasty food & coffee before heading into the gastronomic wilderness.


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