The Jolly Farmer aka annoying toddler strikes back

So what happens when a friend says that your toddler is great in restaurants and we should go out to show her how it’s done? Sadly predictable isn’t it?

Originally planned as a shopping trip into Guildford and lunch somewhere on the High Street, the monsoon-style rain storm quickly had us changing our minds and heading off to a pub with its own parking lot. So the Jolly Farmer, much frequented and guaranteed to have decent food, was chosen for this showing off of Weasel skills. As you can guess from the raspberry blowing demonstrated above, Weasel decided she was bored as soon as we sat down (to be fair that did take a while since I had total highchair strap adjusting fail). Clearly the bread & olives didn’t do it for her. The boredom and then the happy screeching for the rest of the meal, must have had pretty much every other person in there running for the door. Thankfully they saw us coming and stuck us in a corner far, far away from all but one poor man who drew the short straw.

Food: The menu is a little expensive for toddlers; starters are a bit too salad heavy to substitute as their mains and halving the adult meal (the ones with *’s allow this) still works out £6-£9 each. The portion size that arrives is massive, so it’s not a rip-off, it’s just more than Weasel could ever eat. We went for sausage & mash, which came with a Yorkshire pudding, bubble & squeak and gravy (which they thoughtfully asked if we wanted on the side). It was so big we both could have shared it, so I can’t imagine the full-size version. Did she eat any? Psssch. She ate a total of about 6 bites of sausage.

Changing Facilities: Sadly no. There’s not a disabled loo and the toilet stalls and floor space are too small for changing on the floor. I had to open a door and lay her half in half out.

Verdict: Recommended, but costly and keep your fingers crossed for their nappy remaining fresh as a daisy.


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