Holiday Inn Express

It all seemed perfectly normal booking a hotel room for the weekend; didn’t put much thought into it at all. As soon as we pulled up to the Holiday Inn Express Duxford, it struck me that this would be the first time the three of us had stayed in a hotel since Weasel became mobile. Sure we’d stayed in friend’s houses, apartments, cottages, etc. but never a kitchen-less, cot-less place. What did we discover?

-When you book a kid the Holiday Inn Express makes the sofa bed in advance and gives you an extra towel. Even if she would have been free, it was a good idea to book her in. We could have asked for a cot, but to be honest, wanted to see if she could handle a bed. Thankfully she mostly slept through, a minor miracle whilst away from home.

-Weasel likes the purple lighting in the bathroom (which is a great night light too) and the joy of opening & shutting the bathroom door (much to our horror she learned to use the doorknob, and now we’re waiting for the day we have to contact reception to get our daughter out of a locked bathroom).

-Biggest hit of the day – a full length mirror. Ah, narcissistic toddlers.


Breakfast: Included in the price, continental style with some odd hot food. Seriously though, pretend you didn’t see the hot food. Pain au chocolat good, sausage baaaaad. Only one high chair seemed to exist annoyingly which someone beat me to by mere seconds. Free milk dispensing machine was great for filling a sippy cup for Weasel and taking back to the room (I could pretend I did this, but of course I sent the husband out at 7am as soon as it opened).

Room for all your junk in the room? Surprisingly loads for a budget place, even with the sofa bed pulled out. If you had an infant there was a great changing table near the telly.

Bath?: Not at this one, although you may have been able to request a room with one, it would be worth checking out. Weasel was chowing down on Thai food until 10pm so this was definitely a bath-skipping kind of a night, but if your kid is cool with showers it was ginormous.


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