OXO Tower – Because Every Toddler Deserves a Meltdown in a Posh Cocktail Bar

Until having kids, anytime we were near the OXO Tower with anyone who hadn’t been there, I couldn’t resist popping up for a mojito overlooking some awesome London sights. I’ve been a little weary about popping up since in case we had the embarrassment of being turned away at the top or Weasel had a total meltdown. Well, they let us in and we survived the Weasel-geddon, so fear gone! And it’s far more fun to have meltdown in a cocktail bar than a supermarket; at least you have a drink to hand.

And this is presumably what normal people would expect it to be like:

Yes, well that’s not a parent’s life any more, is it?!

Root-cause of Weasel non-cooperation:

a) it was nap time which coincides with cocktail hour. Doh. You would think this would normally be a good thing, but only works if she’ll go to sleep before hand.

b) We only had half-animal cookies due to some over-zealous biscuit-box shaking done by the Madam herself earlier in the day. According to her, 2 half biscuits do not make one whole biscuit, and therefore get thrown back at parents even if one is desperate for a biscuit.

c) 2 new teeth that morning plus normal toddler angst

Don’t get me wrong, I’d still recommend going up there, just don’t plan on staying long.


Tables -Most people on Saturdays seem to book in advance or stand around waiting. We said we were happy standing in a nice private corner near the window, which was good for Weasel’s floor dive. They kindly found us a table before we even got our drinks which we could have until the next party came in 45 minutes. We barely made it to 45 minutes anyways. Chairs have nice big arms to pin kids in a bit.

Prams: stay at the door, there is zero space for them.

Free bar snacks: salty nuts on the table which Weasel got to suck on and then throw. Yum.

Changing: Haha! As if. No hope.

Timings: This is definitely a daytime only place for kids, if that.


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