Basingstoke Aquadrome

With a name like Basingstoke Aquadrome, my mind conjured up images of a bubble-roofed, sporty, possibly futuristic swimming pool. If you go to the website, all the photos are of individuals really close up instead of the swimming pool and a Google image search fares little better, barring ones of the outside, throwing up one tiny image:

So apart from vague childhood memories of it being ‘a bit crap’ before it was refurbished, we didn’t have a lot of expectations on this rainy bank holiday Monday.

To start off with, ‘rainy bank holiday Monday’ should tell you how crowded it was. There wasn’t too much of a problem getting a locker or changing room (well, we couldn’t find one with a changing table, so had to make due without); the pool however was overcrowded for a toddler. From what I could see there was a lane pool, another lane pool being used for splashing (think 1970’s Costa Brava full), flumes and a giant lazy river. The tiny toddler area next to the lazy river was closed inexplicably and all the MDF animal squirty fountains were turned off. I found it a bit weird that the only place Weasel could really walk around and splash in was essentially the entrance to the lazy river. It’s just one of the strangest designs of a leisure pool that I’ve seen.

Saying all that, we did have a good time. It was nice to meet up with family and Weasel’s happy whenever she’s near water. Would I repeat the experience? Probably not.

And due to lack of cameras or Gravel in the pool area, we have a shot of the G-man perfecting his backstroke in Weasel’s new tankini-


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