Monthly Archives: April 2012

Batman! Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na

How to get a reluctant toddler to start brushing their own teeth again after a week of total meltdown? Get a toothbrush with it’s own theme tune and accompany with awesome 60’s dance moves. Parenting disaster averted – score – 1 parents, 0 stroppy Weasel. Advertisements

Basingstoke Aquadrome

With a name like Basingstoke Aquadrome, my mind conjured up images of a bubble-roofed, sporty, possibly futuristic swimming pool. If you go to the website, all the photos are of individuals really close up instead of the swimming pool and a Google image search fares little better, barring ones of the outside, throwing up one […]

Surprised by Nando’s

Initially we avoided Nando’s, not having been there in years and vaguely remembering as somewhere the youth of today go for chicken and chips. It clearly is more up-market than I remembered and I realise now that it’s not somewhere I’m going to feel the need to scan the room for other somewhat ‘normal’ parents […]

The Troll – Confusing

Bought because a) it’s by the people who wrote the Gruffalo and b) because it involves a boat, I had high expectations of this book. I do wish I would have read the story a little bit better, returned it to the shelf and slowly backed away.   Don’t get me wrong – the illustrations […]

Thomas Oken Tea Room -Warwick

Passing through on the way to Birmingham last spring, we thought we’d take Weasel on a trip to see Warwick Castle. We were running a little late, but it’d still be worth it right? Totally blown away by the ticket price of £21.60 each, and unable to imagine what this castle would have to provide […]

Blue Reef Aquarium – Portsmouth

Fancying a bit of sea air to celebrate a family birthday, we headed off to the Blue Reef Aquarium and for a picnic on the esplanade in Portsmouth. I still find it strange that at the heart of English summer you may need to wear a sweater, but I swear, the photos are from August! All your […]

Pizza Express – Windsor

On seeing the menu last night in Pizza Express, I realised this is probably the last of the high street Italians that Weasel has graced with her presence (and crumb droppings). We were armed with an awesome voucher (£13 for 3 courses valid on weekends), a knackered child, crashed out in her pram after spending […]