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Weasel Can Tweet

If you’d like more deep thoughts and contemplation on the meaning of life, go follow the Dalai Lama. If you want more of the same – baking for mummy to get over the all bodily fluids she has to deal with, diva-like behaviour of 2 toddlers and the daily life of being a failed yummy […]

How to Train Your Mini-Barista – A Step by Step Guide for Lazy Parents to Raise Useful Children

Husband and I have a goal – to have helpful children. Apart from all that stuff about unconditional love and carrying on the gene pool, we want our lives to be easier. Kids are hard work. Nappy after nappy after nappy, it could drive you insane. So when are they going to pay us back […]

Toddler Brushing Ploy Number 29- A Mirror

Weasel has been demanding we brush her teeth lately, which is annoying when she’s been brushing her own, sometimes reluctantly, for over a year. So for my new trick I decided to appeal to her narcissistic side – mirrors! Well, her auntie mostly should get credit for this, having lifted her onto the counter to […]

Brica Corner Basket – Not Rubbish!

Pretty much all all devices to help my bathroom from looking like it’s been hit by a rampaging tornado seem to fail. Attached shelves to hold up my our way too many assorted bottles of shampoo, shower gel and random Boots Christmas set items seem to end up rusting, plastic shelves just remind me of […]

Munchkin Spout Drying Rack – So unnecessary, but so pretty…

Husband came home to find the Munchkin Spout Drying Rack out well before my due date (soooo pretty, must get out of box…) and asked the stupid question ‘where did you get THAT from?’. From the internet of course! That land of beautiful things where imaginary money gets transferred without noticing. That’s where. Here is […]

Toothbrushing Ploy Number 27 & 28….

I’ve decided to tackle the lack of enthusiasm for toothbrushing with a double hit this time – a rabbit hat from our Ikea towel AND and flashing new Twinklers Liquid Flashing toothbrush from Waitrose. The flashing is meant to indicate when they can finish (although 60 seconds seems woefully short), but this is currently beyond […]

Vango Nitestar Baby Sleeping Bag – Maybe Your Kid Will Like It More Than Mine Did

I’m a sucker for cute things and things don’t get much cuter than a baby sleeping bag. After seeing the Vango Nitestar Baby Sleeping Bag on my random browses through Amazon, I couldn’t resist and bought it. It’s not like we had any plans at the time to go camping, but I figured we eventually […]