Monthly Archives: March 2013

Mister Rabbit, Mister Rabbit

With Easter amongst us and all the supermarket advertising that it brings, I was excited to hear one of our kiddie album favourites in our house, Burl Ives, on the Sainsbury’s ad. Not the kind of pc music you’d get put out today, this album has cows dying of measles, nearly dead bunnies, shooting geese […]

Haven Holidays Cornwall – Not Majorca

So what happens when a stress-filled, working, heavily pregnant lady with a toddler needs to renew her passport so she can go on holiday to Majorca? And what if that passport has to be printed 5000 miles away in a different country which doesn’t care how many smiley faces and ‘please’s’ you put on the […]

Yet More Sugar Cookies – It’s That Kind of a Day

With Husband away with work, what’s a better way to drown my sorrows in calories spend quality time with Weasel than making more sugar cookies. My last googled recipe was a bit crap, but I managed to find one on Allrecipes quickly this time that even lets you convert from F to C easily and […]

May the Easter Duck Bring You Chocolate

Ok, despite my current Pinterest obsession, the only arts and crafts I seem to come up with lately to keep Weasel out of trouble is card making. Another holiday? Great! Let’s make cards! I believe we may be now single-handedly keeping the Royal Mail afloat. To make life easier (i.e. I was feeling a bit […]

An Attempt at Soda Bread

I’m way too lazy nowadays to do anything exciting for St Patrick’s Day. And besides, I don’t live in the US any more, where it’s a far bigger holiday it seems than anywhere this side of the pond. So I did just about the most rock and roll thing I could think of on a […]

Brooklands Museum – Cars! Airplanes! Buses!

Having been over to Brooklands Museum for various work events and for the filming of James May’s Toy Stories (the Scalextric episode, you can even see me jumping out of the way at 4:29 in this clip, making Husband and I world record holders, along side about 3000 other people…), last autumn I figured it […]

Hello Cupcake!

You might be able to tell I’m dieting by the sheer amount of ‘quality time’ I’m spending baking with Weasel lately. I couldn’t very well let her mother/daughter bonding time be neglected just because I need to lose quite a few pounds, could I? Weasel, the 2 year old terror that she currently is, was […]