Melissa & Doug Sushi Set

I bought the Melissa & Doug sushi set because I thought it looked awesome. What could be cooler than wooden wasabi and little felt pickled ginger?And it comes with that ever useful child’s toy – a wooden meat cleaver!


The nori and the roe have definitely been lost to the giant pit that is the toy box and Weasel for some reason thinks the cucumber and tuna rolls are cookies which she has to carry around in her new cat backpack (remove and face some dyer consequences…). The sorting box has definitely proved a hit, with some nicely bizarre additions – Duplo cake welcome, Habitat rice spoon perfect, small cat not so much. This awesome toy seems to work for kids when they’re still at the carry around random toy stage and once they get more imaginative to play properly with it. And you’re kid will kick ass in sushi identification and make you very proud in Yo Sushi!. We’re still working on that last bit – it’s hard to look cool when you’re kid is scooping out handfuls of pickled ginger. One day…



One comment

  1. Love sush! Even these wooden toys are making me hungry just thinking of nori rolls šŸ™‚

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