Ask – Guildford – Sneaking Out with the Tiddler

Whilst Weasel was happily the responsibility of some long
suffering nursery nurses, Husband and I snuck out to ASK
in Guildford
(my dictionary is telling me I must write
sneaked, but that’s surely an English past participle not seen
since the coal mines and cotton mills were booming?) to grab some
quick lunch on your typical voucher deal. Diet be damned, I was
getting my 2 courses for £11! And we managed to get some awesomely
grumpy looking photos of Baby Sister. IMG_5223 Changing: Typical unisex
changing room – clean, but it was like 12 on a weekday. Food:
Typical Menu although Baby Sister enjoyed milk, sadly not yet old
enough to order from the kids’ menu. Access: Just one small step
outside, that even our wussy pram could make it over. There was
plenty of space around the tables for multiple pushchairs. Verdict:
Typical facilities and menu of other ASK restaurants (see Winchester
for experiences with a toddler), definitely go for the
voucher deals though – my main on its own should have been more
expensive than the whole meal deal. More money to spend popping
into JoJoMamanBebe
on the way home then… [googlemaps,-0.573092&spn=0.004702,0.00912&z=16&iwloc=0004d72098ba2592395ba&output=embed&w=425&h=350%5D


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