Yet More Sugar Cookies – It’s That Kind of a Day

With Husband away with work, what’s a better way to drown my sorrows in calories spend quality time with Weasel than making more sugar cookies. My last googled recipe was a bit crap, but I managed to find one on Allrecipes quickly this time that even lets you convert from F to C easily and change quantities. Useful, although I’m pretty sure I’m not going to measure out 3/4 of an egg nor 1 gram of salt – life is too short – but at least it has a nice calculator on there for changing the quantities, which I did from 60 biscuits down to a more acceptable number for my slight hiccup of 6.

Weasel’s instructions – they should be orange (we only had sort of yellow food colouring which I lied and said was orange since the munchkin can’t read), they should be pumpkins (we broke out the Halloween cookie cutter thankfully near the top of the drawer) and we had to ice them with the world’s most difficult to squeeze red tube. As her patience is best measured in milliseconds at times like these, I was instructed on what to draw.

Here’s hers: eyes, a crown, a penguin and a pirate skull & crossbones (please understand it was the world’s shittiest icing pen combined with some odd requests)


And mine (also instructed): A pig, a bear, a tractor and a banana. Ah, the world of a toddler brain.


For once, Weasel ate her whole cookie. Normally I find them on a random table somewhere, half-eaten and half-mushed with its former decorations spread liberally throughout the house. This recipe is going to be properly written down and saved for next time, it’s clearly a winner. I did ignore the ‘wait an hour in the fridge’ bit and just went with the kind of floppy sticky dough by adding probably more than advised amounts of flour when rolling (I say rolling, I mean trying to push the sticky mess flat and somehow retract my hands afterwards without taking half the cookies with me). But hey, it worked.

And here’s Weasel misunderstanding why we lick the bowl by doing so before we put anything in it. Face palm.



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