An Attempt at Soda Bread

I’m way too lazy nowadays to do anything exciting for St Patrick’s Day. And besides, I don’t live in the US any more, where it’s a far bigger holiday it seems than anywhere this side of the pond. So I did just about the most rock and roll thing I could think of on a rainy, swimming lesson filled Saturday – baked some soda bread for the occasion.

I may pretend to be some kind of demented domestic goddess but I’ll readily admit, I suck at bread. I really, really suck at any kind of bread product. I don’t know why, but suspect it’s my disrespect for measuring. I know I need to measure precisely, I just laugh in that need’s face for some reason. My scones are always too dense, my cornbread too dry and everything else just wrong.

Ingredients (and sorry, they’re in cups): 1 cup whole wheat flour, 3 cups plain white flour, 2 tbsp baking soda, 1 tsp baking powder, 2 tsp salt and 2 cups buttermilk. We had no buttermilk (because I sent Husband to the store for it, apparently they had ‘sold out’ when questioned), so took milk, added a tbsp of lemon juice and let sit for 10 minutes before using. I did find I had to add a bit more than that as my mixer churned away. Put it on a greased cookie sheet making it round-ish (about 8 inches across), score it and rub some water on top. Bake on 180c for 35 minutes.

Here’s my lazy kneading


Doesn’t look too bad, even tore in half nicely.


And this morning with (bleurg) Marmite for Weasel (something I’ve had to get over my repulsion to, but the second kiddo is going to be raised on nothing but peanut butter and jelly.)


Alternative uses  – French Toast! (that’s eggy bread with flavour)

Unfortunately, despite its density, it full apart a bit on the skillet


But tasted nice none the less


Weasel actually enjoyed the French toast (she called them pancakes, I decided not to tell her the truth that they might be, heaven forbid, home-made.


Verdict: Husband called it ‘killer bread’. When I suggested this might be an insult he said, “no, you know, like if I were to want to kill someone with bread, this would be the bread I would choose”. When Weasel saw bread she said “yummy!”. I said, “look, mummy made the bread” to which she quickly cried and screamed “don’t like it” within seconds of learning its origins. Hmmm. I thought it was tasty. And Weasel liked it when made into French toast. I personally would describe it as ‘better than usual’. So make soda bread, just measure things, buy the ingredients yourself and do not, under any circumstances, allow someone to bake rocky road, cauliflower cheese, meatballs and parsnips in your oven at the same time.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!



  1. We are bugs fans of the Marmite 🙂 that looks like good bread!

    1. Aww, thanks! A little dense, but hopefully with some more patience on my part and I won’t get such bad reviews next time!

      1. If yours are anything like mine, then what you cook can one day be their absolute favourite and the next they’ll push it away, regardless of quality, incredibly frustrating! I find soda bread tricky, because it has ‘bread’ in the title I assume it’ll be like regular bread, when it’s actually totally different and needs to be eaten quickly! But can be a handy weapon 24hrs after baking 😉

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