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Spaghetti Fun – More Things to Blame on Pinterest

Looking for something to keep Weasel and the Ninja busy for half an hour, and stop them from begging to watch telly (I’m starting to feel it was a bit of a mistake introducing them to Dora the Explorer this week, but more on that later), I thought I’d break out my kids stuff board on […]

Happy (Very Late) Halloween!

As we’ve finally got around to carving a pumpkin, I thought I should say a big happy Halloween from Weasel and Gravel! The Ninja mostly tried to eat the seeds and Weasel refused to stick her hand anywhere near that pumpkin whilst at the same time got upset whenever anyone used ‘her’ pumpkin scraper for […]

Creating a Lollypop Spider Army for a Halloween Party (or in this case, Weasel’s Birthday)

It’s good having 2 kids born within 2 weeks of Halloween. Ok, so you don’t get comparatively bargainous garden barbecue birthdays, but you do always have a handy theme if needed and the shops are full of costumes for fancy dress. This year Weasel wanted a Meg & Mog themed birthday, and for those of […]

Weasel Can Tweet

If you’d like more deep thoughts and contemplation on the meaning of life, go follow the Dalai Lama. If you want more of the same – baking for mummy to get over the all bodily fluids she has to deal with, diva-like behaviour of 2 toddlers and the daily life of being a failed yummy […]

Hello Tiger – Mr Maker Kits

I like crafts, I do. But I have zero talent and even less patience, so I’m not very good at doing crafty projects. They either remain unfinished, unstarted (but with all materials bought obviously) or they look so incredibly rubbish that they never see the light of day. So ready made craft packs are more […]

Petworth Park Easter Trail – (Probably) The Coldest Place on the Planet

Easter is not supposed to be this cold. Pre-children Husband and I sailed in the Solent every Easter. Yes, it wasn’t your bikini-clad kind of sailing, but no, the weather never even threatened to chuck snow at us. Figuring the cold snap had to end at some point, feeling the need to get some Easter-ish […]

May the Easter Duck Bring You Chocolate

Ok, despite my current Pinterest obsession, the only arts and crafts I seem to come up with lately to keep Weasel out of trouble is card making. Another holiday? Great! Let’s make cards! I believe we may be now single-handedly keeping the Royal Mail afloat. To make life easier (i.e. I was feeling a bit […]