May the Easter Duck Bring You Chocolate

Ok, despite my current Pinterest obsession, the only arts and crafts I seem to come up with lately to keep Weasel out of trouble is card making. Another holiday? Great! Let’s make cards! I believe we may be now single-handedly keeping the Royal Mail afloat.

To make life easier (i.e. I was feeling a bit lazy) I bought this Easter card making kit from Hobbycraft,  who have an awesome amount of easy Easter kids crafty things to do but seem to have the world’s crappiest website where they appear to have just scanned in a copy of their magazine.  This kit, at £4.99, was an absolute bargain. I just thought it included a a few blank cards and envelopes along with a load of card cut-outs of sheep and eggs, but ended up coming with ribbon, jewels and little flowers to glue on too.


Glue – one of the most coveted items of a 2 year old – was definitely the highlight of card making for Weasel. Usually going with self-adhesive card décor, there was a look of serious excitement when that bottle came out the drawer (only to be put away somewhere higher as she learned that day where the precious glue was kept).


Not only does the card kit come with classic corkers like “You’re Eggstra Special” badges, you also get the classic Easter childhood favourite – disembodied chicken heads!


Now I’ve started letting Weasel dictate what she wants to write in the card, which given the weirdness that is her head, is going to lead to some very un-Hallmarky cards. What was on our Easter cards? I hope the duck brings you chocolate.  As we’re making our own traditions, blending English and American ones, why the hell not? So I hope the duck brings everyone out there chocolates too. Have a great Easter!



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