Mister Rabbit, Mister Rabbit

With Easter amongst us and all the supermarket advertising that it brings, I was excited to hear one of our kiddie album favourites in our house, Burl Ives, on the Sainsbury’s ad. Not the kind of pc music you’d get put out today, this album has cows dying of measles, nearly dead bunnies, shooting geese and tying goats to railway tracks for pissing you off, but this is what makes it great. The man with a most awesome name, Burl Icle Ivanhoe Ives, an American folk singer that my husband used to listen to as a kiddo, has a voice that sticks in your head and just says childhood memories. This album makes me want to buy a record player so I can hear it with the comforting crinkle that it brings.


If you like folk music and your ears are bleeding with the sounds of Disney princess music (if so, listen here for a laugh), give it a go. None of us in this house can get Mister Rabbit out of heads at the moment and much like with the Going on a Bear Hunt book, you can be ridiculous and make up additional verses.

And here’s our gargantuan 4-day weekend  lemon meringue pie which this soundtrack has accompanied the making and scoffing of. Nom nom nom, anti-diety nom. Happy Easter weekend everyone!

IMG_7123 (1)



  1. Burl Ives sounds great, must look for more of this. The Disney is….hideous! Lemon meringue makes up for it though, one of my favourites! Have great Easter break!

    1. The Disney stuff is hard to take isn’t it? We’ve mostly managed to avoid it so far but I’m sure the time will come. The pie is Hummingbird Bakery and is too good, can’t stop going back to the fridge for more! Weasel didn’t like it, shame that 🙂 happy Easter break to you too!

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