Hello Cupcake!

You might be able to tell I’m dieting by the sheer amount of ‘quality time’ I’m spending baking with Weasel lately. I couldn’t very well let her mother/daughter bonding time be neglected just because I need to lose quite a few pounds, could I?

Weasel, the 2 year old terror that she currently is, was placated by a Hello Kitty Fairy Magic sticker book magazine thing if she behaved in the supermarket last week (yes, I have suddenly become that person I said I wouldn’t be. Again.). Reading this on the sofa when we returned home, I discovered a simple recipe for cupcakes. This must have coincided with some drop in sugar levels, because suddenly this unexpected potential for tasty sweet cakes was the thing I wanted most in life and I forced Weasel off the sofa immediately and into the kitchen to “bake cupcakes for Daddy”.


My absolute joy at seeing this –


Luckily, Weasel is usually happy to oblige in the baking, dragging a dining room chair noisily into the kitchen. This recipe is so simple, it’s one you (should) have all the ingredients in your cupboard already. And after 10 minutes in the over, BAM, you have cake. How awesome is that? (to my calorie deprived brain you don’t get much more awesome than that)


We avoided the icing (why waste time cooling when you could just eat them?) and added some sugar sprinkles before baking. No, I do not get these products from the amazing Dr Oetker, but if were to send me some free cake stuff, I would happily test them out.

It gives you good math practice with your toddler too – getting them to count cupcake cases, eggs, attempt to read the numbers off the scale, etc. Yeah, so that’s what this was, a maths lesson really.


And here is cake made to look all artistic like. Nom nom nom. Highly recommended as an easy recipe, with tasty added texture from the sugar sprinkles.



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