Monthly Archives: January 2014

Burns Night: Fun with Offal

Missing the whole office thing where some team or committee celebrates every random event with balloons and displays (which makes my old office sound a wee bit like an elementary school), I’m well up for any excuse to celebrate with the kiddos at home. The boring end of January’s celebration? Celebrating the poetry of the […]

Pizza Making the Cheating Way

I’m pretty sure we did pizza making before with Weasel, but it was the make your own, get sophisticated ingredients and watch a toddler cry and choose bed over eating dinner sort of pizza making experience. This time was a lot less planned and a lot more child friendly as it involved a lot less […]

Frozen and the Exciting New Ability to go to the Cinema Again!

We’re not actually frozen here in deepest darkest Surrey. Thanks to our amazing new windows and most of my family in the US being pummelled by an icy Arctic Vortex instead, it’s just typically Englishy rainy mostly-grey wishy-washy weather in these parts. What we do have is the amazing new ability to abandon the baby […]