The Red Lion – Hinxton

First of all apologies to any one who had the mis-fortune of being in the Red Lion with us on Saturday near Cambridge, you may have had your dinner or pint a little interrupted by some seriously sugared-up, over-tired toddlers. But we had a brilliant, if not a little hectic time! As you can see from this typical shot of the dinner table, someone was not planning on eating any of her tasty dinner. And it all started so promisingly with Weasel enjoying reading the menu and the free bread basket.

Menu – For kids or anyone else who wants it, they do a smaller version of about 7 of their main meals at half price. It’s not cheap, but it is proper food. After the free bread, we opted for some tagliatelle with a tasty sauce (tasty but obviously not memorable!), which was great after a swift rocket leaf transfer onto mummy’s plate. The food wasn’t slow, but as an indication of how rapidly downhill the 17 month old attention span can plummet, by the time the food arrived we were well on our way to embarrassing incident-style restaurant dining that I’m starting to get used to. I was definitely glad I ordered a small portion as a main, because that tasty, but by then cold, pasta was all mine baby.

Facilities: There were oddly 2 loos at The Red Lion – a ladies, and a unisex with changing table. It’s not a choice I’d ever seen before. It was nice to see, just odd.

Highchairs: Yes, the clip on the seat variety

Are other diners going to wish your children would go play in the road?: Yes, probably. The three we had with us were definitely not the only kids in there; they were just the youngest by far. The uncomfortable couple who were clearly having an affair thankfully caught their taxi out of there soon after we arrived (not seen a glass of Chardonnay and a pint downed that quickly in a long while…), leaving us to a large table at the front. There were benches to clamour over, lions to roar at and tables to run around. Great parenting is definitely trying to spoon feed your screeching toddler chocolate cheesecake at 9pm in a pub on a Saturday night whilst both of you are under a table.


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