The Muppets – Weasel’s First Film Review

You can take a toddler to the cinema, it just requires a lot more planning than than in your  pre-munchkin life. Whereas before all you had to think about was whether or not to grab a cardigan because it might be chilly, now you must go in prepared like a member of the SAS. We decided to brave the new Muppets film last month.

Top Tips: 

1) Book in advance, then you are less likely to chicken out and bail. The thought of losing £30 can make you brave most anything.

2) Book a short kids film. This is no time for Up.

3) Don’t tell your husband until you have booked, he will be a coward and try to talk you out of your crazy scheme otherwise.

4) Book a film at some god-awful time of the morning when no one in their right mind would want to be there.

5) Why would you waste that precious short-lived attention span on adverts and previews? Arrive half an hour late.

6) Sit in the front – no one else will. That gives space to play on the floor, space to run (and if they’re still shorties, no one will see it!) and your little one won’t have to worry about seeing over the chair in front. Also, having to move their head to follow action on the screen should keep the more engaged.

7) Salty popcorn. Weasel had her first popcorn on the cinema trip and it was like a bear finding a honeypot – mental and messy. And if your kid is anything like Weasel, you have yourself a mummy & daddy automated popcorn feeding machine too!

8) Bathroom breaks! In order to get Weasel a quick change of scenery, I took her to the loo. This bought us an extra 10 minutes of sitting still when we sat back down.

9) Take quiet toys with you, they can always sit on the floor in front and play.

Remember – you can always walk out if you have to, it’s not the end of the world! And if you accept that to start with you’ll be cool no matter what happens.

Weasel’s review? It would mostly go ‘quack quack, *snort* like a pig, uh-oh’ from what she said in the cinema. (disclaimer- there were no ducks)

My Review for a toddler – could have done with more Muppets. The first half hour only had one Muppet in it and he may well be the most boring Muppet ever created.


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