Holidays with a Weaning Baby and a Potty Trainer a.k.a. how 2 small people can produce as much laundry as a city-state

It all seems very generous when the travel company gives you 20kg worth of luggage for your toddler, and even more generous for the 10kg they give you for your free baby. Then you start to pack and suddenly realise a few key facts that make you need more clothes for the week than exist in the whole world-

1) You have the dreaded potty trainer – Weasel could go 2 or 3 days without an accident, but could also easily have 6 within an afternoon if the mood strikes her. This just equals extra shorts/leggings does it? Oh no. This talented young lady can sometimes wet her shoes and top as well. That’s some talent.

2) You have a baby who hasn’t quite worked out eating yet – how much purée can she smear on herself 3 times a day? That’s of course in addition to the fruit in her Nuby net thing, random bits of sticky drool-covered bread, and when it all goes wrong, a total change of clothes when she decides to spew everywhere due to wanting to eat more than her body-weight in food. Then there’s her ninja abilities where she snipes food/napkins/cutlery from the table and shoves it in her mouth before anyone notices. This baby is a ninja and ninja babies require many outfit changes.

Look at those ninja eyes waiting for something edible to touch the table

IMG_7751 (1)

3) Related to the above -we will also share in the joy of all of this and require many changes for ourselves. The spew-tastic ninja tends to cover us more than anything else, but shares the love with her bib, her growbag, her pj’s, my pillow, her sister, her toys, Gravel, muslin clothes, shoes. Seriously, anything within a 6 foot radius is fair-game. This means a lot of changes for everyone.

4) We have access to an all-inclusive free ice-cream cabinet. This magical icey blue box was the stuff of Weasel’s dreams and was visited up to 8 times a day. Her arm band was referred to as an icecream band and was the only reason it stayed on for the full 8 days. This meant a lot of cardigans, tops and dresses met their sticky end a little sooner than anticipated. Who knew that chocolate Nestle ice lollies were so impossible to get out of clothes?! Weasel’s lovely new-for-the-holiday Jools Oliver sundress has had 8 stainremover-inclusive washes and still has traces of our out-of-control ice lolly addiction.


5) The weather is potentially shit. It’s the 1st of May, it’s snowing in mainland Spain. But it’s a beach holiday. Packing for literally any weather is a pain when all you expect to take on a beach holiday is a few pairs of shorts, a few tshirts and a lot of bathing suits (I nearly wrote bikinis, long gone are those days). Instead cardis, trousers, socks, jumpers, plus all the summer stuff needed to be packed.

Solution? We kind of went for a 3-pronged approach 1) Take every friggin thing they own (although they still don’t manage to match ever), 2) do laundry at the hotel (wash+dry+powder was over 7 euros, so not a cheap option) and 3) buy some handwash to do laundry in our sink. I couldn’t find travel-size handwash in any of the supermarkets before I left, but managed to pick up some Norit non-bio liquid handwash in Spain at a cornershop which smells really nice and was good at removing chocolate, not quite as great at tomatoey pasta sauce.


Tomato sauce + lovely new dress


Options on Amazon include brands like Dylon, Dr Beckmann and one that comes in sheets instead of liquid (Dizolve) which looks interesting. Definitely coming with us next time so we can have more space for stupid pool toys and beach towels.



  1. Agh, weaning+potty training must be the height of messiness, right? I’m glad we managed to stagger it slightly….although it means a longer phase of extreme laundryness (which we’re still in). You’re brave 🙂

    1. Stupidly I thought potty training was like a 1 weekend job, not something that goes on FOREVER, so thought we’d be well done with it. As is, I daydream about having a tumble dryer.

  2. […] room have bedtime meltdown, hopefully somewhat worse than what you were about to experience) and a laundry facilities (at cost). The soft play area looked a bit small and boring, but the kids loved it and kept asking […]

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