Port Side Pirates – A Slow Grower

My first thoughts of Port Side Pirates was definitely ‘ugh’. Originally bought to ensure Weasel understood port, starboard, and of course, essentially, the adventurous nature of going on a boat, my first read made me cringe. It has to be sung and only one line changes per page, making it feel nauseatingly repetitive. But amazingly, we have grown to appreciate it. Some of the rhythm may be odd, but you get used to it eventually.

Weasel enjoys pointing out the baby, cat and parrot on every page and this book gives you plenty of things to name for sure. In addition, it has great diagrams of pirate ships to teach terms like helm,  topsail and ratlines. There was a tear-in-the-eye moment when Weasel pointed to the bowsprit of the Golden Hind and told us what it was.

Verdict: Recommended, and be patient, you’ll eventually enjoy reading it. If you’re a sailor and want your sprog to follow in your footsteps, this is a great way of teaching them the necessary terms for sea-faring folk.


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