Muntnin Trays – or, as Everyone Else Might Call Them, Car Seat Trays

Weasel is convinced that the sole reason this tray exists is to sit her 2 monkeys on, therefore referring to it as the ‘muntnin tray’. Even with this slight limitation in usefulness (until she realises she can do more than just keep her monkeys balanced), this car seat tray by Star Kids, bought for keeping her occupied on long journeys, is succeeding.

Plus Side:

-It’s soft, so in case of impact it just squishes up.

-It minimises the spread of biscuit/cracker/cookie/breadstick crumbs.

-It seems to keep her entertained by simply letting her animal face her so she can read to them and feed them water/biscuits/crackers/cookies/breadsticks.

Down side:

-It’s soft, so may not be great for colouring books for example.

-She doesn’t seem to be able to reach anything in the side pockets yet. This maybe her not really quite getting the fact that they’re there yet, but we can’t really stick her water in the side at the moment (which was one of the main drivers for buying it since I was sick of the bottle ending up upside down and leaking all over her).

-It seems to only come in navy blue with black netting. This is a rubbish colour combo.

Verdict: Definitely worth it for keeping kids within reaching distance of toys and books on long journeys. If you do get one, or bought one and only used it once because of rejection, try again. Weasel totally rejected it the first 2 or 3 times we tried it. Try to use it a few times before you’re long drive to Scotland/Cornwall/France this summer, as things never go well the first attempt.



  1. That child should be rear facing!!!

    1. I’m presuming you’re based in the US? In the UK we don’t really have rear facing ones. I believe you can buy them, but Weasel’s is both the legal seat for her size here and the norm. I’m not sure if trays would work on rear facing but they must make them for the US market too.

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