Mummas & Beans – Godalming

Two things get me out of bed in the morning (well, besides a screaming Weasel) – caffeine and finding a hyper toddler more fun stuff to do. Mummas & Beans in Godalming is a brilliant idea to get my lazy backside out of the house with the promise of coffee and an entertained child. Err, well, it was about 3pm the time I went, but you get the point.

A slightly reserved Weasel decided to pretty much block the door into the cafe, so it was a good thing it was nice and quiet the day we visited. We didn’t really check out the large playroom at the back, but even just the toys out front beat any coffee shop I’ve been in for toddler entertainment.

And the best part? They actually do really good coffee. I’m a mega coffee snob, usually opting for tea out of fear of what steaming, horror-filled cup I’m going to receive. The babyccinos come with a super-cute kiddie spoon (which would remain undrunk until given away to a friend, today was not a frothy milk kind of a day) and they do some awesome looking cakes. They do classes, but I’m far to lazy for anything that requires actual commitment.

Changing: Of course – clean and spacious.

Verdict: Definitely check it out next time you need a coffee, are meeting up with friends or, if you are a responsible adult who can follow schedules unlike me, check out a class.



  1. Jyst came accross this..I’m the owner of m&b…glad you enjoyed your visit and the coffee!! We had a whole coffee tasting afternoon to choose it lol!! Look forward to seeing you there again soon :0)

  2. Thanks for being there! It’s nice to have somewhere where a toddler can entertain themselves without fellow coffee drinkers rolling their eyes at you. On mat leave again, so definitely going to be spending more time there!

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