Barry the Fish with Fingers and the Hairy Scary Monster – a title near-on impossible to remember….

With an incredible title like Barry the Fish with Fingers and the Hairy Scary Monster, who could resist buying this book? And ooooh, if that wasn’t enough, there’s shiny glittery bits* (*mostly his creepy fingers).

Weasel’s opinion: Mixed, and is asked for only occasionally by name (obviously shortened to Barry, if she comes out with that full title we’d be enrolling her in some genius program right now). She likes the hiding and counting bits, but sort of goes off the book from the pirate ship onward.

Parent opinion: It’s a strange storyline and I’m not quite sure you would wanting to be teaching kids that to stop people thinking you look like a freak you should cut your hair. Gotta love the exceptionally camp seahorse though. The drawings of Barry do make it look like he’s been in some kind of freakish accident with a deep-fat fryer, possibly tortured by the fishy mob. Cooked and breaded fingers? Good for cutting hair (a la Edward Scissorhands) according to the book, but half breaded dinner is just so, so wrong.

Verdict: It’s good, but not a favourite for sure. Buy it if it’s on offer.

*note to Americans – fish fingers = fish sticks, hence it’s a bit more of a pun here


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